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Helping children reach their full potential


Home consultations are generally indicated when parents are interested in setting up a specific home program for their child. Therapists are available to help with setting up a space conducive to therapy in the home and/or making suggestions for home activities to be used with equipment a family already has purchased. Home consultations are billed on an hourly basis.


School consultations are an important adjunct to individual therapy and are highly recommended. These consultations are scheduled at any time from October through early spring. The main purpose of the school visit is for the therapist to observe how a child’s OT challenges are impacting his/her functional skills in a group setting. Following the school visit, the therapist will provide a written report to both the parents and teachers with specific recommendations to address each area of difficulty in the classroom. School consultations are billed on an hourly basis.


Periodic in office consultations are highly recommended to allow for ongoing parent/therapist communication. These can be scheduled during a child's regular therapy appointment or at another time as scheduling permits. The purpose of the consultation is to review progress, discuss re-evaluations, and/or devise home programs.

Initiating an Evaluation

To initiate the evaluation process please contact us or call (202) 244-8089 and a therapist will discuss your child's specific needs.

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